Saturday, July 30, 2011


I recently stumbled upon a blog run by a couple of ADHDers, thanks to Twitter, Mr Lehbistan and my unfailing curiosity.

Before I go on on how much I enjoyed it, you must know about my weird interest in psychiatry. It is the kind of interest that makes me want to go read all about a topic once I learn about it but never really consider becoming a psychiatrist. It's too huge a burden for me (as if being a doctor isn't already).
I have never met someone with ADHD and even though it's not very uncommon disorder, it remains one of the many underdiagnosed disorders, especially here in Saudi. So reading My ADHD Life blog has been too exciting for me! I'm actually constantly fighting the urge to ask Lehbistan too many questions and I'm sure if he happened to read this post he would consider ignoring me for life but oh well..

I suggest you all click on the link below, the posts are light, nicely written and fun to read. You will learn much more about ADHD and the one thing we desperately need here is awareness of plenty of different conditions including this. So anyway, less talking, more linking, click here and spread the word!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the link, Hind. There's little awareness about these issues here in the Gulf but I love reading about them.

I love your blog, btw!



ren_crow said...

Interesting. This reminded me of a trailer for a new movie called "A Dangerous Method" on youtube anout Carl Jung & Sigmund Freud.

KarrienG said...

Thank you for sharing this is very interesting. If you are interested in learning more about dealing with ADHD, I recommend that you check out