Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fifty <3

I was tagged by CO to list 50 things about me.. it was hard since I couldn't come up with many things that I haven't already talked about here, but anyway, here you go:

1. I never wear sneakers, except when I'm working out.
2. I hadn't considered Medical school until I was 16. I was planning on studying arts before then.
3. I find denial really comfy. Like a warm blanket.
4. Balloons scare the hell out of me. Why do kids enjoy them anyway?
5. I'm very, very impatient.
6. I have many blonde moments.
7. I love to cook, bake, clean up, and act as a sophisticated housewife :p
8. I get bored easily.
9. I don't hate. Love persists, while hate fades very quickly. Sometimes I try and concentrate on hating someone and actually think "hate, hate, hate" but fail miserably.
10. Whiney. Only family and true friends stand that :D
11. I have my own embarrassing happy world that no one knows about.
12. I seek perfection in what I do. But when it comes to others, I have very low standards and I accept anything.
13. I love my name very much.
14. I freak out when I'm the centre of attention.
15. I think too much. I overthink and overanalyze things. I don't let things go by simply. Creepy huh?
16. I'm a middle child.
17. I have this intolerable fear of losing a member of my family again.
18. Classic klutz.
19. Easy to please.
20. I don't get why people don't care about being on time. It is a big deal!
21. I want to freeze time and read all the books in the world.
22. I have a good memory when it comes to weird, stupid details that even the one who told them to me seems to have forgotten them.
23. I always blurt out things I shouldn't have said. I need a filtering system.
24. Dogs are disgusting.
25. I love learning about different cultures and beliefs.
26. I hate the fact that I'm obsessed about pink. I think it's lame but I seriously can't help it!!!
27. I try so hard not to be judgemental, but oh well, I'm only human.
28. I hate most changes.
29. My pride and ego are over the top.
30. A good listener.
31. Being lonely scares me.
33. Reluctant and reckless.
34. Macaulay Culkin was probably my first celebrity crush ever *blush*
35. People always think I'm quiet but once I like someone I can't stop talking when I'm around them :p
36. My fave TV shows are Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, Lipstick Jungle, Gilmore Girls, and House MD.
37. Ugly Betty reminds me of myself :p
38. I'm a caffeine junkie. I tried to quit it but by day 2 I was going crazy.
39. I want to be an oncologist for now. Decision open to change.
40. I hate when people go "seriously? you? a doctor? I'd never let you touch me!". Argh. Shut up 6yb?
41. I love being pampered.
42. Stalker
43. The extreme opposite of blunt.
44. Weddings make me emotional.
45. I have a thing for bows and rosettes and all cute things (as my sister says)
46. I want to learn to sew. My friend and I plan to ask her maid to teach us.
47. It's very embarrassing when someone pinches my cheeks. I'm. Not. A. Kid. Anymore!
48. I hate rude, snobby, and pretentious people.
49. Sweet, sweet tooth.
50. I yawn like a hippo :D

And I taaag Faten, Farah, Sous, Glamour, Raisa, Mai, MeemzSoGorgeous, and Amal :D


Photon said...

fdeeetk sis :*

Faten said...

Love your 5o facts, I knew almsot of I admire the way you have put them should've added you're one hell of a writer!, mashallah
but waaaaait, you are nothing like ugly betty! i can't see how a girl with your looks & sense of fashion could say that ?!
that's a tag I'll do :D

cookiesobsession said...

Simply Mashallah =]

Anonymous said...

Abruptly intruding.

Are you second year? ^_^

Faten said...


ZeZe said...

You are a very sweet person and nice knowing you. I got really emotional too when I'm in wedding, i felt the sudden rush of tears running to the edge of my eyes always :(. I love your blog even and thanks for drop by at the other side :*

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

awwww ;**

oo i loved macauly culkin too ;)

MashMosh said...

loool cute list =P
now we all knw about your embarrassing happy world btw it not only you i believe all people have them =P

Hind ♥ said...

Shukran :$

lol are you telling me that she doesn't remind you of me at all? We have similar personalities and ways of thinking. I do really see myself in her ;p
Thanks hun :)

thank you, I guess :D

No, I'm a 4th year.. can I ask why?

Why thank you :") men jed weddings are magical <3

Hehe :$ he was something back in the days!

Yeah but I left out the really embarrassing details ;p haha.
Thanks :)

libero anima said...

you look like a great person =)

and im withyou with the being on time thing !! ya3nii pleaaase ppl grow up !! =p

Aurous said...

You seem like a great person :D

Gloomy said...

Wow masha2 allah :D you are a great person :D

we share alot in common :D

Masha2 allah u came up with 50 :D

P.S. I miss you :** :hug: <3

Raisa said...

I'd read and say 'me too', A LOT :p
it was really fun reading you, and I dunno 'bout the Ugly Betty thing, but your image in my head is more like that disney girl, Selena Gomez and one last thing, a Q: what is a denial? #3

Noufa said...

I sooo want you to be my doctor lol
loved your list especially that last one lol I love to yawn with all my heart hehehe but i can't i have a broken jaw if i could say so :s
You're so cute and girly, i love you hehe :$

Venus said...

i did know so many things abt u from this tag ^،^
21. I want to freeze time and read all the books in the world.
whyyyyy it's 24 hrs a day, i wanna mooore time @_@ whyyy it can't be 42 hrs a day, whyyyy, Ok i'll shut up @.@
am emeyad,i changed to venus (coz i can't understand how installing a layout can be done here in blogger, i've tried so many times me & my friends so i changed to a comment from u would glad me ^__^
this is the site, by the way, when i wanna add a comment here; it won't appeare like hell! dunno! it says like something with tags is wrong @_@
hv a nice eve.

Hind ♥ said...

Two of my closest friends actually show up TWO hours late. It's infuriating!!
And thank you :")

Thanks hun :D

It was hard at the beginning but then the facts came floooding :D
I miss you too xxx

LOL my friends tell me I'm nothing like Betty but what I actually meant was her personality and spirit, you know, that sort of thing :D
Denial is when you refuse to accept/face a problem or an unpleasant fact. You shove it to the back of your mind, leave it there, and pretend it doesn't exist.
Can't wait to see your list :D

Aww I'd love to have you as my patient :D b3eed elsharr.
Love you too xx

Oh I don't know about that comment problem. Thanks for trying though :D
Men jed sometimes 24 hours are so not enough to call a day!! Coupla more hours would be nice ;)

eshda3wa said...

why are u afraid of balloons!!

Anonymous said...

No particular reason, I was just curious..

Cause I'm first year, and basically I'm exploring "my terrain" :P

Mashallah so your fourth year, have you started psychiatry yet :D??

Hind ♥ said...

Because once upon a time when I was a kid a balloon burst in my face while I was blowing it up. And I've been terrified since then :"(

That's so cool, what uni. do you go to? :D
Good luck :)

Mai said...

omg ! same here .. bows , cute stufffffff <3 :P > here we go -.-

I feel like your a sweet person .. and very Innocence <3 :D

Anonymous said...

King Saud university!!

What about you ? ^_^

..::Amu::.. said...

I did this as a post and people made it as a tag!!!

Raisa said...

thinking about it, I think I know that word, denial, it's Oprah and Dr.Phil's favorite word! I guess my brain was off, but thanx ya webster :p

umm .. about UB comment, I can't help it but feel a bit shallow :/ don't worry, it's not your fault, you know I've seen the show and I can see the relation :)

~ ciao

Hind ♥ said...

Thanks :D so are you!

KFU :)

To be quite honest I've seen this '50/100 things about me' circulating around for so long ;p
Thanks for passing by :)

Hehe I've been called a walking wiki and a dictionary before, but I like Webster :D much cooler!
LOL it's okay my friend thought the same thing, but finally, someone gets what I mean!
Good to see you again :)

Anonymous said...

i forgot to say;
i gave u the wrong URL @__@
<< suffering from forgetting :s
hope u like the layout
< far7ana feeh ya3ni p;
splendid loved it, hope u so
enjoy ur eve.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, one thing that caught my attention was the fact that your 20 and your well into your fourth year !! ^_^ mashallah!!

Have you skipped a few years??

Hind ♥ said...

Hehe yeah I got it :D thanks!

Hehe no I didn't but we count the 1st (prep?) year so I guess according to your uni I'm a third year? I don't know. Bottom line, this is my fourth year in university :D
And I think you should get a nickname, a7san men anonymous :)

Anonymous said...

a moment of clarity ^_^!!

Thank you, it all makes sense now!!!

So tell me how's Pharmacology treating you so far!!??

Is it as challenging as they say it is?

Yes? No? Maybe?

Ya allah ana marra shayel ham al maddah hathey!!!

In respect to your request I shall end my comments with my nick name:P

-Aymo- ^_^

Hind ♥ said...

Well I never thought of pharma as 'challenging'.. it was kind of okay. I guess maybe because we had bigger things to worry about (i.e. pathology, micro, and neuro) so we didn't pay much attention to it. But I must say it needs a lot of memorizing :| you'll have to create many mnemonics and funny stories to help you remember ;p. And then came systemic pharma, which I took in the summer and now I'm pharma-free :D it's very similar to general pharma but much more interesting.
So, no, don't worry about it. I'm surprised you even asked me about it of all subjects. What else do you take this year?
Hope I helped.

Anonymous said...

I'm 2nd year university, and First year medicine.

I'm taking:-
Anatomy,physiology,Biochemistry,histology and embryology.
Oh yes, and lets not forget the most two important subjects that will prove to be extremely beneficial through out my Medical carrier!! Salam and 3ARAB!! ^_^

*sigh* Every single person I ever met!! complained about Pharmacology!!

I guess that's the reason why I have this fear accumulated at the back of my mind.

I have to admit though, it is truly a relief to find someone who thinks differently when it comes to Pharma!!!:D So yes!! you were a big help and I bring forth my utter gratitude :)

Pathology seems relatively easy, I was going through a couple of my brother's and sister's books and it was "okay"

Up till now, I'd say Anatomy is my favorite subject.
It just has this certain charisma I can't describe.

The progression of each and every single nerve in the human body parting and reuniting rapidly!!!
It's so COOOOOOOOOL!!! *wipes tears*

I just can't wait!! till I graduate!! I chose Neurosurgery as a specialty I haven't decided on my Fellowship yet, bas enshallah I'll keep looking into it!!

What about you??

What is it that intrigues you in the realm of medicine!!??


Hind ♥ said...

LOL 3arab and Salam are supposed to raise your GPA :D oh how I loved English and Islamic. You don't have to study hard to get an A+.
Anatomy was my fave subject in 2nd year too :D but not neuroanatomy. I didn't get along with it, though neurophysiology was soo cool! Too bad because I'd considered neurology as a specialty but I guess it's not my thing :D I'm in love with tumors and surgery right now <3
What intrigues me.. hmm.. I think it's pathology. I love it. I love that we finally study what we're supposed to, diseases and abnormalities :D especially when it comes to malignancies! I get high on tumors. Human body is amazing, and when something goes wrong, it gets more and more fascinating. And what's even more amazing is when you get to help and put things back to normal :D
I probably sound like a monster lol. I guess that's mainly because we haven't met real patients yet, it's all theoretical now :S
Last time I was training in a hospital I ended up crying in the psychiatric clinic.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean!!!
The excitement, the rush of curiosity, joy and wonder!!!

I attended three surgeries this year!! and it was by far the most adrenaline rush I've been subjected to through out my entire life!!!

Aneurysms!! the clots of mystery accumulating randomly from side to side!!

And to sugar coat it all!! you get resolve all of it with your own two Hands!! *FAINTS-WAKES UP-THEN COLLAPSES* :p

I believe your passion definitely resides within Surgery!!!

Pathology!! my sister is a Pathologist, honestly just sitting next to her while listening to her daily stories is BLISS!!
Surprisingly It's very diverse!!

I use to think to myself, ble5 pathology!! same stuff over and over!! But I didn't do it justice by passing such a blunt judgment upon it!!

And I apologies to all Pathologists and Potential Pathologists out there for thinking that and belittling there profession!!

Was it that intense?? tell me what were the series of events that drove you towards breaking down?

Hind ♥ said...

Surgery! Oh God I spent two beautiful weeks in the OR watching all kinds of surgery, neuro, orthopedic, ENT, abdominal, colorectal, you name it. And they were all incredible! Standing there with the surgeons in their natural habitat listening to their chit-chat or professional discussions. And of course, not knowing what they were talking about in many cases. But what topped them all el9ra7a was the C-section.. seeing the little grey creature coming into life was priceless :")
Couple of months left till we officially scrub in :D :D :D yay!

There was this guy who was my age and was having serious psychological problems. He started talking about his disturbed family, his miserable life, and very depressing events.. it was so sad and tears started running down my cheeks just like that. I guess that's what we need sometimes to remind us of the privileged life we live.. el7mdillah.

Fadiosis said...

ok it's long.. but sorry.. :D
1- i ALWAYS wear them... how could u not :P?
2-like u except that i had a 238473298462 options in my head.
3-like u ♥
15-just like u and it gets me into so many troubles :S
20-EXACTLY !!! •_•'
21-i wanna have a 100000000000000 $ to buy them all.
22-OMG !!! my bro would call those ppl (which is me and u), he would call us حفظة الذكر
23-ugh! my doc calls it a "processing system"
we need it implanted in out brains u know.
24- oh darling to me the whole kingdom animalia is disgusting :S.
40- من جددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددد
48- add a$s kissers to the list plz. :)

other than that.. i think u're cool :) and the obsessions about pink.. well.. u have no idea what i'm obsessed about.. ☺