Saturday, February 19, 2011

People, I have found myself.

I love, no, I'M IN LOVE WITH OB/GYN.

For the first time in my life I enjoy a course THIS much. And it's been only one week.

Everyone's happy. Pregnant ladies are super cute. Many lives are just getting started. Babies are born. Parents are over the moon. Of course it's not alwayss happy but you get what I mean. That's what I love about it, it is by far the most optimistic branch of medicine.

The classes are veeery interesting. The clinic is so fun I don't want to ever leave it. The doctors are very nice.
I had even volunteered to make a presentation, even though I'm not exactly the public speaker of the year, and I enjoyed every minute of it! It was too pink but not for OB/GYN (another reason why I'm head over heels for it :p)

So now I have 6 more weeks of it, and I still have the 3 months during my internship year, and maybe the elective month as well. I need to make sure this is really what I want. But for time being, I can see myself clearly five years from now :')

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Smart CoOKie said...

Aww that's so cute. Allah ywf8ik inshallah <3

I'll start my OB/GYN in a month inshallah and it'll last 3 months. I just hope I like it. And you just gave me the first reason: PINK <3

Fadiosis said...

mashallah 3laiki :\

i didn't take ob/gyn yet. but i can't see myself dealing with hormonal women =_=

i don't see what the joy in it :p... bs MASHALLAH 3LAIKI!!!!

Allah yhanneeki beeh ya rab :)

zanoob said...

enjoy every single minute sweetie!

Athoug said...

LOOOL I read OB\GYN and my first thought was "Is that a band?" :\
I'm glad you like it, it does sound fun!

fram said...

Hi there,
I do not know who you are but When I read your blogs like hopless poetry I could not believe my eyes...Why are you so similar to me. You are writing but I guess as if I am writing. why do you so much like me in you.. who are you? I want to know you and be come your friend.. I really do not know how come yu are writing as if I have written all what you have been writing from so many years... I am really awestruck...I guess God has made so many people similar.. You think as if I think.. although you are a guy and I AM A GIRL AND THATS THE ONLY DIFFERENCE SO FAR...GOOD GOING.....BYE