Saturday, July 2, 2011

the story of my graduation

So it is official. I'm a graduate.

I was lying on the couch reading my Aussie book that I'm currently obsessed with when my friend F BBMed us "el pedia 6l3at".

My heart sank but I had no time to think. I had no time to process that I was about to know for sure if I had graduated or not. I jumped to where my Dad was using his laptop and told him I needed to check my grades. We both waited anxiously as the page loaded and then I saw it. I saw the last grade in my student life. The tiny letter had much more to it. It was saying: "You did it. You passed. You're no longer a student. Welcome to the real life."

My father hugged me and thanked me. He thanked me for working so hard, for getting out alive, for getting a good GPA, and for making them proud, always. I was touched, why would my father thank me? I'm the one who should thank my parents for being unbelievably supportive and believing in me. I should thank them for everything they have been and done, not only in the last 6 years, but ever since I was born.

I sat down, spread the news to my sisters and friends. I was shaking even though I had to keep telling myself "Hind this is it. This is the moment you've been waiting for for 6 years. You are here!" because it wasn't sinking in yet.

Boy, wasn't it just great, having that moment of pure relief. It was one of those very few moments in life, when you absolutely worry about nothing. Nothing at all. When all you feel is accomplishment and content and gratitude and joy. That moment definitely tops every other.

So here I am, writing this post as I'm excitedly waiting for tomorrow, actually today, my first day as a medical intern.

This day marks a new phase in my life. I'll be on my own. I won't have my knights in shiny armors (aka my best friends) around all the time to guide me. I'll be on my own for the first time in a very long time. And yes, I do feel like a perky kid preparing his backpack on the night of his first day in school.

So wish me luck, 'cause I'm one absolutely clueless intern.


zainab said...

congrats on your graduation doctor ;* am happy for you!
btw we missed your posts<3

A Walking Coffee Bean said...

Congratulations Dcotor Hind ;)

I wish I can fast forward my life 6 years and feel that joy of graduation from medical school

Nani_37 said...

Congratulations :)

And best of luck during, and after, your internship :)

ren_crow said...

Congrats hind! Looks you made it after all Alhamdulillah.