Sunday, May 15, 2011

class '11

I gotta tell ya, Twitter is stealing this blog's thunder. Actually it might already have.

A while ago I made a pact with myself to post every week, because I really love blogging. And let's face it, 140 characters are and will never be enough for me. Yet I neglected my blog again for the I-don't-know-what-th time..

So anyway, as some of you know I am taking my very last course in my very last year in medical school. i.e. I'm graduating in 5 weeks inshallah :D and boy, is it exhilarating!

First off, we're not like every other major in the world, studying does not end once we're out of school. There are some exams we should take during and after internship (aka 7th year)

And then there's choosing your future specialty. And also as many of you know, my heart and soul belong to OB/GYN. And like everything I get too excited about, I'm also terrified thanks to the what-ifs I create in my head. What if I stop liking it during internship? What if it's not the one for me? What if I don't get accepted? What if I'm supposed to find an easier specialty? Lots of what-ifs...
I don't know what to do if, God forbid, one of these what-ifs come true! I have a plan B, but it's not nearly as good. Just like any other plan B. Hence the B, right?

Other than that, almost-graduating is sooo frickingincrediblyunbelievablyawesome!
It feels like yesterday when I got accepted in medical school. When I told my mother and sister, tears streaming down my cheeks, that I had no friends (in retrospect, that one sounds like a scene in a teenager movie, but it was sad at that time, lol), that the only friend I had ditched class a lot and I was left alone. When I met my words-can't-describe-them kind of best friends. When I flunked a family and community midterm (on purpose) because we thought the course was just too stupid (Don't worry about me I ended up with a B at the end of the course). When I did my first stitch. When I walked the halls of the hospital for the first time, feeling very doctor-y even though I was as clueless as the receptionist. When I cried for the first time after an exam (this one is recent, check this.)...

Bottom line, el7amdulillah, it was the best 6 years of my life. One post would never do its justice.

Now I have four exams left before I'm officially on my own. So keep those prayers coming fellas!


Smart CoOKie said...

ALF MBROOK <3 To an even better years as a REAL doctor <3 said...

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Raisa said...

all the best doktora :]

Ahmed said...

Wish you all the best doktora hind :D

Athoug said...

Mabrooooook !!

Maqsood Qureshi said...

Be a Psychiatrist. :-) And, stop tweeting! LOL

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